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Minor boating accidents may no longer need reports

Minor boating accidents may no longer need reports

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
February 17, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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February 17, 2010

Minor boating accidents in Idaho may not require police investigations under a new plan in the state Senate.  Proposed legislation would increase the minimum limit for investigations to $1,500 in damage.  The current trigger for an investigation of $500 has been around for 15 years, according to Mike Kane with the Idaho Sheriffs' Association.

“It’s quite an imposition on the boating public,” Kane said.  “You could get $500 worth of damage in very easy situations.  What this does is bring it into line with vehicle accident (limits).”

The Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee unanimously approved sending the proposal to the full Senate for a vote.  Under current law, boaters are required to file an accident report with a county sheriff if property damages are greater than $500, or if a person dies, disappears, or is injured.

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