Meridian Middle School newsletter urges teachers to see skin color and check privilege

Meridian Middle School newsletter urges teachers to see skin color and check privilege

Dustin Hurst
April 16, 2021
Dustin Hurst
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April 16, 2021

A newsletter made available to teachers and staff at Meridian Middle School encourages readers to engage in “culturally relevant teaching,” a nice-sounding phrase that masks what the document actually seeks. 

The document, entitled “Stall Seat Journal” because it’s available in bathroom stalls at Meridian Middle School, encourages educators to see students’ skin color, a key tenet of critical race theory, which is a destructive and harmful ideology that’s creeping into schools nationwide. 

The document, forwarded to the Idaho Freedom Foundation, tells educators, “Colorblindness is a myth, and one that denies our students validation of their whole person.” 

The newsletter, through deceptive gentleness, condemns those who seek to ignore skin color by suggesting that doing so is a form of white supremacy. “It also perpetuates the idea that ‘white’ is the norm and everything else is not. We should see the differences that make our students who they are, and make sure that each person's experience is celebrated.”

To become “culturally responsible,” the document suggests that educators should “reject the myth of colorblindness,” and “be aware of the area you may experience privilege based on your gender, race, and sexual or gender identity.” 

It contains a variety of other instructions for creating a so-called culturally responsive learning environment. For example, educators should also “acknowledge your role as a social activist! Even if you don’t identify as such, your work changes lives. You have a profound effect on the world.”

The Idaho Freedom Foundation requested a comment from Meridian Middle School Principal Lisa Austin, but she has not returned the call. 

The document is just one piece of evidence confirming that controversial curricula and methods, often informed by politically-motivated actors, are coming to Idaho classrooms.

This new ideology, foisted by leftists onto unsuspecting students, teaches that American institutions exist to oppress people of color, America is an irredeemably racist country, and all white people are inherently racist. 

The revelation that Meridian Middle School is advancing this doctrine should inform the ongoing debate in the Idaho Legislature about the pervasiveness of such ideologies in Gem State classrooms. Earlier this week, the Idaho House of Representatives killed a portion of the public school budget over concerns that the spending plan didn’t contain safeguards against teachers being trained in critical race theory and social justice. 

The budget committee will take up the issue next week and may insert the sought-after safeguards to satisfy concerned lawmakers.

See the Meridian Middle School document below: 

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  • Mark Clayton says:

    It's here folks. Fight back.

  • Bob says:

    How about a link to the school and a link to the document within the school website?

  • How about teaching kids the Golden Rule and 10 Commandments and allowing them to pray for themselves, their families and each other. Instead these teachers and administrators are setting themselves up as gods in the new religion of "political wokeness and correctness". A Lilliputian world run by self important demigods. This is what happens when politicians allow themselves to be owned by the teachers unions(2) and are not accountable to their constituents

    • Don says:

      Great comment. Could not have said it better. We stand by and watch idaho crumble with rest of blue run states or we put our stakes in the ground and send a message now before it’s too late.

    • Many HecksNerzt says:

      The golden Rule is sorely lacking in our current State legislature. Instead of your group trying to mandate what cannot be spoken or read in public education (literally censorship), you might want to have a look at the roots of this philosophy, and the pitfalls that can be discovered when applying it to real world situations.

      Your suggestion that the ten Commandments should be taught in public school, that goes against current law. When you extol the superiority of these two philosophic traditions, you are literally doing what the legislature is trying to prevent, allegedly.

  • Robert S. Klammer says:

    This is not a Meridian Middle School newsletter. It is a document published by (Advancement Via Individual Determination), a leftist organization out of San Diego, CA dedicated to training teachers and providing materials for brainwashing students.

    From their website:
    "In 47 states across the U.S., K–16 educators are driving student success through engaging, rigorous, and student-centered learning environments. Explore how AVID can help your school achieve its strategic goals."

    The presence of this document on the Meridian Middle School campus indicates that there are teachers there that have received this training and are distributing AVID's materials to recruit additional members.

    While I am interested in determining if this training is being paid for by the school district, it is secondary to the fact that this training and it's goals are being executed in Idaho schools. This needs to be stopped right now.

    A couple of years ago I stumbled on a small Mom & Pop website that seemingly innocently was recruiting people to report on the movement of wildlife in their area. I was able to trace the efforts of this website directly back to the UN (

    I mention this because I was shocked to learn how organized and broad based the Left's efforts are. They permeate all aspects of our society and are actively promoted by all levels of their membership, from the top echelons of global organizations right down to the people next door.

    The efforts of the right to promote the values we believe to be important are, by comparison, pathetic and ineffective. It seems as though people that are inclined to be leftists are also inclined to be activists, and those of us on the right, because we believe in individual liberty, feel that actively trying to influence others to think as we do violates that principle.

    Whatever the reason, our passivity is causing us to loose our country to a takeover from within by the socialists/Marxists/communists.

  • Tim says:

    Why aren't the conservatives in our state legislature willing to stand up and answer the charges being leveled against them with regard to this mess? The Canyon County paper makes it sound like the allegations of such destructive teaching methods are a myth and those who voted against the budget are right-wing radicals. If Idaho can't get on top of this what state will?

  • Deana says:

    Excuse my language, But This is Unnecessary Bullshit!

  • A Merican says:

    Leftists are truly the racists.

  • Many HecksNerzt says:

    "This new ideology, foisted by leftists onto unsuspecting students, teaches that American institutions exist to oppress people of color, America is an irredeemably racist country, and all white people are inherently racist."

    No, culturally responsive teaching does not advocate these things. It is a teaching method to help teachers engage students who are from backgrounds that may not be centered on the traditional white, male, Eurocentric view of the world. It encourages blending that traditional approach with other sources and perspectives. Ignoring the language and culture3 of students is a bad way to engage them in learning.

    Culturally responsive teaching can manifest in a number of ways. Using traditional teaching methods, educators may default to teaching literature by widely accepted classic authors: William Shakespeare, J.D. Salinger, and Charles Dickens, for example, adhering to widely accepted interpretations of the text.

    Culturally responsive teaching, on the other hand, acknowledges that there’s nothing wrong with traditional texts, Childers-McKee says, but strives to include literature from other cultures, parts of the world, and by diverse authors. It also focuses on finding a “hook and anchor” to help draw students into the content using their past experiences.

    “This way, students can see themselves in some of what they’re reading and not just the white, western world. The learning is more experimental, more hands-on,” she says. “Instead, you’re showing them a worldwide, multicultural community and looking for different interpretations while relating it to what it means for society today.”

    • Ted says:

      "It is a teaching method to help teachers engage students who are from backgrounds that may not be centered on the traditional white, male, Eurocentric view of the world."
      What does this mean? What is the white, male, Eurocentric view of the world? Why should we spend less time on traditional literature *because* of the author's race, sex, and geographic location? And why do you want to treat children differently based on these characteristics?

  • TJ McCall says:

    Hey Many - we’ll see your leftist intolerance and we’ll go all in. We’ve seen your hand and you got nothin. You can go back to wherever you came from, LA, Chicago, Detroit, or some other vermin infested hell hole, and take your woke fascism with you. You are not wanted here. Is that culturally sensitive enough for you? Not looking for your reply. It was a rhetorical question. So before you can’t resist and make another post, go read The Gulag Archipelago or do a book report on Pol Pot like the middle school intellect you are. History is full of examples about how culturally sensitive the left is. Your understanding of intolerance is going to get reframed and trust us, you ain’t going to like it. It’s going to hurt your feelings a lot. Buh-bye, off you go now.

    • Many HecksNerzt says:

      I agree. From the exxtreme right wing POV, everyone looks like a communist.

      • Serena says:

        Look genius, youre being used. (useful idiots)
        All of these marxist revolutions are funded by big business. Its a way to get working class people fighting each other over nonsense, so they wont notice who is stealing all the resources, robbing the people blind thru debt and debt based currency, and poising everyone with dangerous "medications" and fake food. Lets all not pay attention to where the funding for this is coming from, or has come from in the other 124 countries this has happened, lets blame each other and go at it.

  • deana says:

    Stand against this nonsense. We are getting tired of the leftist racist narrative. It is not the teachers responsibility to teach such things. Teach them to read, write, history, math and leave the rest to parents. Keep the division and indoctrination out of Idaho.

  • Al says:

    I figured it would eventually get to this point and here we are: IFF is now getting its news material from middle school bathrooms. Sheesh.

    • Ted says:

      Yeah, what rag would report on what is being taught in our local public schools? It's almost like they care about their children or something.

  • Samantha Millus says:

    It’s interesting that you’ve failed to mention how you obtained this school paper. But perhaps mentioning that you have spies registered as substitute teachers is not in line with your “holier than though” rhetoric. The fact that anyone would shame teachers, or students, for learning different and perhaps better ways of dealing with their peers proves how ignorant and narrow minded you are. Oh, and this IS about the Golden Rule, treat others like you would like to be treated, not like you are invisible. Bravo Meridian Middle School, we should all be so lucky as to have such forward thinking educators teach our children, and apparently some parents.

    • Ted says:

      1. "Stop spying on us and leaking our policies!"
      2. "Our policies are great and forward thinking, everyone should know about and use them!"

      -Pick one

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