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A statist is an official who believes in the power of government over the power of individuals, families, and communities. Statists believe government is go-to vehicle for solving society's challenges.

Sadly, there are far too many statists in the Idaho Capitol. But, who is the biggest believer in Big Government roaming Statehouse hallways? Let's find out together.

To play, fill out your brackets based on your metrics. You can use the Idaho Freedom, Spending Index, and Education Index to help you pick winners and losers.

But keep in mind you might also choose other factors not measured by IFF's indexes. For example, you might give a win to a committee chairman who has blocked a conservative bill or a lawmaker who failed to keep a conservative campaign promise.

Fill out your bracket for a chance to win cool prizes from Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action.

Voting begins March 28, 2022, so be sure to fill out your bracket and submit it using the form below! Happy picking!

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