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Local doctor slams 'Obamacare,' suggests alternatives (video)

Local doctor slams 'Obamacare,' suggests alternatives (video)

Dustin Hurst
April 16, 2010
Dustin Hurst
Author Image
April 16, 2010

Those who opposed federal health care are often criticized for offering no alternatives to legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, which alters the makeup of one-sixth of the economy of the nation.  Dr. Timothy Floyd, a local surgeon and Army doctor, proved that notion untrue with a speech to crowds gathered at the Capitol in Boise Thursday for Tea Party Inc.'s 2nd annual Tax Day Rally.  Floyd offered up his critiques on socialized medicine - he believes it won’t  work - and offered solutions to the country's health care crisis.

Floyd said with federal health care reforms that "Congress ignored the will of the people when they passed this thing."  He said that every doctor in the country recognizes the need for some type of reform, but that he feels the policies enacted by Congress will actually work against improving health care overall.  He was critical of those involved in the process, saying that the number of people who are without health insurance, often used by pundits and politicians alike to exemplify the need for reforms, was inflated because there are many who are in between insurance policies, choose not to be covered, or simply haven't signed up for state-run Medicaid programs.

He then extolled the American medical system, which he believes is the greatest in the world.

"American medicine leads the world," said Floyd.  "American medical centers work miracles around the clock."

Floyd offered praise for the political system of the nation, which he said has led the great advances in modern medicine.  "American medicine is so much better than other countries because of the freedom the founders built into this system of government; freedoms that foster unfettered discussion, creativity, and a protected entrepreneurial environment that breeds technological advancement."

"This bill is going to harm the poor, not help them," said Floyd, continuing his criticism of federal health care reforms. As evidence, Floyd cited the 10 percent tax imposed by the legislation on medical devices. He said the businesses that, in the past, had donated devices to the extremely poor, would become unable to do so because of the overall cost of doing business.

Floyd said that the country must work to restore "family and community values" that would lead to people coming together to help those less fortunate. He also said the country must expand its work in research and medical advances because the "sickest of the sick," those with diseases like cancer, are accountable for a disproportionate share of medical costs. By working to expand and further research efforts, Floyd explained, the country would save money in the long term.

Floyd also believes individual responsibility is a factor in health care costs. He said that according to research conducted a number of years ago, those who paid for health needs with cash used medical services less often than those with access to universal health care, while ending up with similar health scores.

He advocated for "portable" insurance policies, which allow workers to take health insurances plans with them when they leave jobs and move onto new ones. He also argued for increased competition among insurance companies as well as medical lawsuit reform, which he said will aid in bringing down costs.

"In short, we need to restore the old doctor-patient relationship, let market forces drive costs, increase competition in the insurance industry, limit malpractice cases to the truly egregious, get better at caring for the sickest among us, and promote community and family values so that we can better help each other in times of need," said Floyd.

Floyd also warned rally-goers against what he believes are the dangers of single-payer health care systems and urged members of the crowd to do everything in their power to get Congress to avoid those policies.

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