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Legislature defunds moral corruption after IFF research

Legislature defunds moral corruption after IFF research

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 28, 2023

The Idaho Legislature just defunded the Planned Parenthood-endorsed sex education program corrupting Idaho’s children and stripped funding for gay pride events.

Earlier today, the House passed Senate Bill 1182 — a budget bill stripping $579,000 in federal grant funding for sex education and $706,000 for gay pride events. Now the bill is waiting on Governor Little’s desk. 

Last fall, the IFF’s Center for American Education exposed how the federal government is corrupting our schools by injecting leftism, sexualized curriculum, and abortion into rural America. 

The establishment media obfuscated the truth and told parents the curriculum taught abstinence. But our relentless reporting exposed how this Planned Parenthood-endorsed curriculum changed the definition of abstinence and promoted moral corruption under the same label. 

Last September, the IFF exposed how public money was being used to support the Boise Pride Fest, including a planned child drag show, outraging citizens and resulting in numerous sponsors pulling their names from the event.

Government is funding the Left’s sexual project — and unsuspecting citizens need to see that the army of corrupt and corrupting activists descending on their communities are actually agents of the Planned Parenthood ideology and the federal government. 

We have been funding our own demise. Citizens must understand that things do not have to be this way and that when they speak up, positive change can happen! 

We called for citizens to demand that their school districts take a proactive role in discovering what state-recommended resources are being used. 

People like YOU spoke up.

We called for our state legislators to reject funding from federal programs to ensure that they do not corrupt our children. 

The Legislature listened and DEFUNDED the program and restricted further sponsorships of gay pride events.

Idaho’s Legislature has done the right thing this time by taking action to prevent governmentally sponsored corruption. 

We are not done yet. But this is a promising first step for Idaho!

It is high time to demobilize the armies of the Left from the sexual war they are waging on the American people. We thank you for your support as we continue the fight to achieve that goal.

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