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Labrador tops $100,000 in fundraising, still trails Minnick

Labrador tops $100,000 in fundraising, still trails Minnick

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
July 16, 2010

Raul Labrador’s fundraising numbers shot up after winning the Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District, but he still trails his opponent in the November general election, Democrat Walt Minnick.

Labrador, a state representative from Eagle, raised more than $101,000 between May 6 and June 30, according to paperwork filed with the FEC Thursday.  Before that period, Labrador had brought in over $83,000, which trailed his primary opponent, Vaughn Ward.

“I’ve been outraised and outspent before and I’ve been able to win,” Labrador told IdahoReporter.com.  “We just need to have enough money to get our message out.  We don’t need to have more money than our opponent.”

Labrador now has over $68,000 left in his campaign, while Minnick has more than 16 times that amount, with $1.2 million on hand as of June 30.  In May and June, Minnick raised over $291,000, according to the FEC.

“We’ve run a strong campaign so that Walt can continue to do good work for the people of Idaho,” said John Foster, Minnick’s campaign spokesman.  Foster also said that Minnick’s chief of staff in his congressional office in Washington, D.C., Kate Haas, will join the campaign team and work on fundraising and other financial matters.

Labrador reported contributions from 15 state lawmakers, as well as Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna, State Treasurer Ron Crane, and Melaleuca CEO Frank Vandersloot.  Labrador personally made a $10,000 contribution to his campaign five days before the May 25 primary, and received a $10,000 contribution from the Freedom Fund in Washington, D.C., in June.

Minnick received money in May and June from former Gov. Cecil Andrus as well as political action committees affiliated with businesses including J.R. Simplot Company, Snake River Sugar, Micron, Microsoft, Boeing, and Coca Cola.

The two other men whose names will be on the 1st District ballot in November, Libertarian Mike Washburn and independent candidate Dave Olson, did not file reports with the FEC.

“The momentum is shifting,” Labrador said.  “People are excited.  They’re donating to our campaign and we’re going to be able to raise more money so we can beat Walt Minnick.”

In the 2nd Congressional District, Republican incumbent Mike Simpson reported receiving $70,000 in May and June, while Democrat Mike Crawford and independent candidate Brian Schad did not file reports with the FEC.

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