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Labrador speaks in place of Bachmann at 'Fire Pelosi' rally

Labrador speaks in place of Bachmann at 'Fire Pelosi' rally

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
July 29, 2010

Republican Raul Labrador is among high-profile company while he is away in Washington, D.C.  His campaign announced Thursday that Labrador stepped in for conservative firebrand Michele Bachmann, a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, at a "Fire Pelosi" speech, named in honor of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The Labrador campaign didn't specify why Bachmann could not attend the rally, but did include snippets of his speech to national Republicans gathered at the party's national headquarters.  Labrador praised Bachmann's work to begin his address.  “I am honored the RNC (Republican National Committee) asked me to fill in for a visionary leader like Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. She is helping lead our country away from the brink of financial ruin and return it to fiscal sanity. I respect her greatly.” said Labrador.

He also said that community involvement by individual citizens must continue for American to remain great.   “Community involvement is critical to our nation's future,” said Labrador.  He also said that those running for office shouldn't discount the efforts of individual campaign volunteers.  He said that an 84-year-old veteran from the Treasure Valley contributed all he could to Labrador's campaign effort, though the contribution wasn't monetary.  “One volunteer can, and does, make a difference.  This patriot who served his country wanted to, but couldn't afford to write a check to my campaign," said Labrador.  "On a hot afternoon in Nampa, Idaho, this man walked three miles in a parade, proudly carrying the American flag, in support of me.  That type of support is worth more than all the money in any bank.”

Bachmann is serving her second term and is quickly raising her national profile by calling for financial reform and limits on government spending.  She also has formed her own Tea Party Caucus in Congress, a group of legislators she believes will help bring the Tea Party movement's wishes closer to the ears of lawmakers.  Neither Labrador, nor his Democratic opponent in the fall, Walt Minnick, would commit to joining the group.

Labrador is in Washington, D.C., this week meeting with high-level Republican officials and raising funds.  The three Republican members of the congressional delegation for the state hosted a breakfast fundraiser for him Thursday morning.

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