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Labrador aide blasts Minnick and staffer for call to apologize for content of e-mail

Labrador aide blasts Minnick and staffer for call to apologize for content of e-mail

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 25, 2010

Wednesday, John Foster, campaign spokesman for Rep. Walt Minnick, the Democratic congressman currently serving Idaho's 1st District, called on Raul Labrador, the Republican nominee slated to face Minnick in November's general elections, to apologize for sending out a campaign e-mail that, Foster said, denigrated Idaho businesses.  Thursday, China Veldhouse Gum, acting spokesperson for the Labrador campaign, fired back at Foster, saying that Minnick has much more to apologize for than does her candidate.

The controversy was due in part to a line of text in a e-mail message the Labrador campaign sent out to supporters earlier this month.  The line was not, however, the work of the nominee or his staffers, but rather was written by Thomas Del Beccaro, a writer for the online media outlet Big Government. The Labrador e-mail referred to Beccaro’s article, entitled “The 2010 Midterms: Businesses’ Final Time For Truth?”  Here is what Labrador staffers took from Beccaro’s article and included in the e-mail, which drew the ire of Foster:

For decades, American business has wined, dined and lobbied American politicians. Some have sought preferential tax benefits… others have sought corporate welfare. Still others feed the alligator that is government in hopes that it will be kind to them in the future while it consumes others today.

Foster, in a message to local media outlets, said that Labrador's use of the text from Beccaro's was troubling.

In an e-mail to IdahoReporter.com, Gum said that Minnick's first vote, a nod to then-Rep. Nancy Pelosi to become speaker  of the House of Representatives, is a far larger problem for Idahoans than Labrador's message to supporters.  Here's what Gum said about Foster's charges:

Mr. Minnick and his staff can protest all they want, however, it is Mr. Minnick that needs to apologize to all Idahoans for installing Nancy Pelosi and the entire liberal leadership team in Congress that has delivered:

The draconian ‘Obamacare’ bill and the small business-killing measures within.

The unprecedented levels of government spending.

The coming rise in gasoline prices due to Obama’s offshore drilling ban.

The insult to the people of Arizona and Idaho who are demanding the enforcement of immigration laws and securing our borders.

It is clear Mr. Minnick and the Democrats are part of the problems facing us today. The real question for voters is this: do we want a country of bailouts, amnesty for illegal immigrants and government-controlled businesses like GM or do we wan  a country that respects the rule of law, free markets, liberty and the individuals’ right to succeed or fail on their own merits. If you want bailouts and government control Minnick is your guy.

It's time for all Americans to take the long view that will determine the future of this country. We'll get to decide this November Minnick and big government or Labrador and limited government--the choice is clear.

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