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Idaho is at a crossroads.

We can dig in and double down on the principles that have served this state well for generations or we can leave those values behind and become just another victim of so-called progressive policies.

With so much to be decided, every voter needs the best, most reliable information. That’s where Idaho Freedom Foundation comes in. We exist to expose, defeat, and replace the big-government policies threatening Idaho from both sides of the political aisle.

Transparency is great, but it can be hard to digest all of the information coming out of Boise - every bill, every legislator, every vote. That information also needs to be readily accessible. Our flagship project, the Idaho Freedom Index, tells you what you need to know about Idaho's legislators at a glance.

Idaho can and should be a model for what a free state can be. We can make that happen together.

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The Idaho Freedom Foundation is one of the oldest and most successful defenders of freedom in Idaho. Our flagship product, the Idaho Freedom Index, has applied steady pressure against the growth of government bureaucracy, taxation, and the loss of freedom. There is one organization protecting Idaho from becoming the next California: the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

- Brent Regan, IFF Board Chairman

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Idaho Freedom Index?

Chances are if you read or watch the news in Idaho, you’ve heard of the Idaho Freedom Index. Our thorough legislative scorecard has become a hot topic for friends and foes alike. However, some members of the media have misrepresented the Index and its purpose.

The Freedom Index is an aggregation of the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s nonpartisan analysis and rating of bills voted on by the Idaho Legislature during each legislative session. It is not intended to serve as either an express or an implied endorsement or rejection of any candidate for public office.

And Freedom Index ratings are nonpartisan. The Freedom Index focuses solely on the underlying policies in each bill. Freedom Index analysts consider the merits of every bill, regardless of the sponsor’s political affiliation. View our rating metrics here.

Learn more about the Idaho Freedom Index here.

Is Idaho Freedom Foundation a libertarian organization?

Many establishment Republicans have sought to discredit IFF by labeling us as a libertarian organization. That is false. The IFF’s policy concentration is on the limitation of government, which is central to the definition of conservative values, and the conservative spectrum of political ideas sometimes overlaps with libertarianism.

Some libertarians believe that no government is the proper level of government. The IFF does not share that objective. We do, however, believe there is too much government, and too much government harms people and denies people their God-given rights.

Read more here.

I've seen groups like Take Back Idaho criticizing IFF. What's the story there?

Take Back Idaho is a collection of insiders, government bureaucrats, and lobbyists who seek to derail the freedom agenda. The group aims to give more power and control to the state, which means less freedom for families and small businesses. You can read more about Take Back Idaho here.

Where do you get your money?

Roughly 95% of our donations come from inside the state of Idaho. We don't reveal our donor list to the public because we believe government and media will use the list to harass the good conservatives who support the pivotal work that we do.

To become a donor yourself, click here.

What do you do, exactly?

We develop freedom-first solutions to vexing public policy problems, and then educate lawmakers and the public about those ideas. We have produced dozens of research reports, which can be seen here. We have successfully persuaded lawmakers to slash regulations, provide tens of millions in tax relief, and end special handouts for politicians.

Can I follow IFF on social media, or join an email list?

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