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JFAC Invites Public to Testify on FY 2015 Budget‐Related Issues

JFAC Invites Public to Testify on FY 2015 Budget‐Related Issues

Mitch Coffman
February 13, 2014

If you're concerned about the size of government and government spending, this is the place to make your case. It's important to show up. Let's face it. The federal government is broke, our national debt is growing and Idaho's reliance on federal money is growing. We need to be prepared for the next federal budget crisis. Sadly, right now we're not.

JFAC Invites Public to Testify on FY 2015 Budget‐Related Issues

Boise, Idaho – The Joint Finance‐Appropriations Committee (JFAC) will hear public testimony on issues related to the FY 2105 budget.

The hearing will take place this Friday, February 14, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the Lincoln Auditorium, Room WW02; the Idaho Statehouse.

Testimony will be heard on a first‐come, first‐served basis; with some exceptions at the call of the Chair in consideration of geographic distance and diversity.

The sign‐in process will begin at 7:00 a.m., just outside the auditorium. An individual wishing to testify must be physically present to sign in; a designee may
not sign in on behalf of another individual, unless said individual is disabled and also present.

Testifiers are asked to focus on budget‐related issues only. Testifiers are welcome to provide written testimony, and may submit a copy upon signing in.

The hearing will be streamed at the following link:
(On this Web page, select the Lincoln Auditorium)

Questions, call Budget & Policy Analysis, Legislative Services Office: 334‐3531

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