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Jedi won’t be the GOP’s official religion

Jedi won’t be the GOP’s official religion

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 25, 2010

Idaho Republicans won’t be adopting the Jedi religion or pushing for it to becoming the official state religion.

A committee at the GOP’s convention on Friday unanimously rejected a resolution recognizing the religion popularized by the Star Wars movies.  The resolution was submitted by Taso Kinnas of Boise, who didn’t speak to the committee and would not comment on the plan.

Read Kinnas’ full resolution below.

Whereas, Jedi serve as guardians of peace and justice; and

Whereas, Jedi require the deepest commitment and most serious mind; and

Whereas, only Jedi can master a lightsaber; and

Whereas, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force; therefore

Resolved, The Republican Party of Idaho adopt the Jedi religion as the official religion of the State of Idaho.

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