ISP’s unmarked-car bill dead for the year

ISP’s unmarked-car bill dead for the year

Dustin Hurst
March 1, 2016
Dustin Hurst
Author Image
March 1, 2016

Idaho State Police Communication Manager Teresa Baker confirmed Monday that the agency’s request for unmarked patrol cars is dead for the year.

“The unmarked car legislation is not moving forward,” Baker told Monday. “It is my understanding that legislators would like to focus on other ways to reduce the number of people killed on our highways.”

That means ISP has dropped its plan to push the bill forward, and senators will not be asked to vote on the proposal.

ISP submitted legislation earlier this year to allow up to 10 percent of its patrol fleet to go undercover. The agency reasoned that the covert cars would help fight aggressive drivers and texting while driving.

State Sen. Kelly Anthon, R-Rupert, was the only member of the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee to oppose the bill’s introduction. After the hearing, Anthon told he believes ISP’s cars should be very visible to enhance public safety.

Rather than seek the unmarked cars, Baker said ISP may seek more funding for patrols.

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