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ISP targeting aggressive drivers in north Idaho this week

ISP targeting aggressive drivers in north Idaho this week

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
July 26, 2010

The Idaho State Police (ISP) is targeting aggressive drivers this week in north Idaho - particularly those who engage in unsafe behavior around large commercial vehicles.  ISP announced Monday that it is starting the week-long Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks, or TACT, program to raise awareness about the dangers of aggressive and reckless driving.

ISP won't be working alone in its effort.  The Coeur d'Alene Police Department will be teaming with ISP to find reckless and aggressive drivers who speed, tailgate, and cut off other vehicles on the roads.  According to the department, more than 52 percent of all accidents, or about 12,000 crashes, in Idaho in 2009 were due to some form of aggressive driving.

The two departments, in addition to looking for those who drive wildly around commercial vehicles, will be looking for those who drive commercial vehicles and drive recklessly.  ISP reports that programs like TACT have successfully helped in reducing the number of commercial vehicle accidents by more than 30 percent.   "Our goal is to make the roads safer for everyone.  Aggressive drivers, whether they are in a truck or a car, make the roads more dangerous for all of us," said Sgt. Jim Eavenson, an officer with the Idaho State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Division.  "This program focuses on those drivers that are making bad decisions and creating an unsafe situation for everyone else.  One fewer crash is one more person that arrived at their destination safely, and that's what this is all about."

TACT will run in north Idaho from July 26 until July 31.

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