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ISP gearing up for holiday weekend

ISP gearing up for holiday weekend

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
May 28, 2010

The Idaho State Police (ISP) is gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend and teaming with two other departments to keep the roads of the inland northwest safe for travelers.  In an e-mail sent out Thursday, ISP announced that it is planning to work with the Montana Highway Patrol and the Washington State Patrol to police the highways as people hit the roads over the extended weekend.

The message from ISP came with two warnings to motorists planning to travel around Memorial Day: drive safely and be aware of increased police presence on the sides of state highways.  The agencies plan to have every available officer on the road during the next few days to monitor for impaired driving caused by excessive alcohol intake, aggressive driving, speeding, and safety restraint violations.  The department encourages motorists to engage in safe driving habits and properly plan road trips and account for delays caused by road construction, which is more common due to less inclement weather of the late-spring months.

With increased patrol by officers, the department expects more traffic stops on the sides of Idaho's highways.  ISP encourages motorists to be cognizant and aware of officers making traffic stops and move over to the right lane of the highway if there is one.  An Idaho law passed in 2006, known as the "Move Over Law," requires motorists who drive in one- or two-lane highways to immediately reduce their speed and use extra caution when coming upon emergency vehicles using flashing lights.  The measure was designed to prevent state troopers from being injured or killed by inattentive or unsafe drivers.

The department asks drivers to play an additional role in keeping Idaho's roadways safe.  "Our goal is to prevent serious injury and fatal collisions during this holiday weekend. We will continue to be proactive in our efforts to keep these tragedies from occurring, but we need your help. Please report dangerous drivers as soon as you can safely do so by calling 911.  In Idaho you can also call *477. Together we can all have a safe and enjoyable weekend," says the release.

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