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Insurance department warns of phony health care scam

Insurance department warns of phony health care scam

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 30, 2010

New federal health care legislation could be leading to a new health care scam, according to the Idaho Department of Insurance (DOI).  Other states are reporting consumer complaints of people posing as government insurance agents try to sell new insurance policies.

“Idahoans should continue to use caution and common sense when making decisions about health insurance,” said Bill Deal, DOI director.  “As always, we encourage consumers to be sure an agent is licensed to do business in Idaho.”

The department said so far, no phony insurance agents have been reported in Idaho.  “As far as I know, we have not had any incidents of this scam taking place in Idaho,” said Tricia Carney, a DOI spokeswoman.  She said the department wants to get the word out to make sure no one is ripped off.  Carney also said that interest in DOI, which regulates and monitors insurance companies in the state, has increased since new federal health care legislation was approved.  “We are taking calls every day about the new health care plan that was signed by President Obama.”

DOI recommends that consumers check on its website to make sure that insurance agents or companies are licensed to work in Idaho.

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