IFF urges BSU’s Tromp to drop radical social justice agenda

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BOISE—On Thursday, the Idaho Freedom Foundation urged Boise State University President Marlene Tromp to cease a number of activities and programs that advance a radical social justice political agenda, but do nothing to provide excellent academics for students.

“Boise State University’s new president, Marlene Tromp, faces an important choice: Will BSU adopt the radical social justice agenda that has roiled so many campuses?” asked IFF Vice President Fred Birnbaum. “Or will she prioritize academic excellence over progressive social engineering?”

Birnbaum added: “IFF applauds the 28 House members who bravely spoke up today, and we join the chorus. IFF urges President Tromp to avoid buying into the radical left-wing agenda that has ruined the academic experience of millions of students on campuses across America.” 

The Idaho Freedom Foundation stands as the Gem State’s most influential public policy think tank. Since its 2008 inception, IFF has worked with lawmakers to protect civil liberties, defeat government-growing bills, and provide millions in tax relief to hardworking Idaho families. 

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