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IFF to lawmakers: Medicaid expansion a bad choice for Idaho

IFF to lawmakers: Medicaid expansion a bad choice for Idaho

Mitch Coffman
March 22, 2013


The Idaho Freedom Foundation Friday urged lawmakers to reject Medicaid expansion and instead consider alternatives to save taxpayer money and improve care.

The foundation provided Senate and House Health and Welfare committees with information packets that contradict the argument that the state will save money and improve health care through expansion. The information packets were provided because Idaho Freedom Foundation, nor other groups or individuals opposed to expansion, were expected to be allowed to testify in committee Friday morning.

“Expanding Medicaid will lead to worse patient outcomes, problems with access, and health care over-utilization. Medicaid expansion won't save taxpayer dollars; at best, it merely transfers the cost to our kids and grandkids, who are already stuck with a growing debt-laden bill from a severely bloated federal government,” said Hoffman. “Therefore, if Idaho expands Medicaid just to transfer today's health care costs to future generations of Idahoans and Americans, it would be cruel, self-serving and shortsighted.”

There are options available far short of yet another bloated public program in Idaho, compliments of that “free, federal money we hear about that is bankrupting us,” said Hoffman.

“Instead of expanding Medicaid, the state should reform the county indigent program to leverage charitable delivery programs like the free clinic in Canyon County. That clinic, started a few years ago by a Bible study group, is saving county taxpayers half a million dollars a year operating just one night a week. Those are real solutions. Expanding Medicaid is not a solution, but a looming disaster for our state,” he said.

Click HERE for IFF's Medicaid report.

For more information, contact Hoffman at 208-258-2280.


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