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IFF offers Trump administration ideas to improve land-management practices

IFF offers Trump administration ideas to improve land-management practices

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 28, 2017
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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June 28, 2017

The Idaho Freedom Foundation is encouraged that President Donald Trump has signaled a willingness to review and reverse some of the more onerous federal land management policies of the Obama administration. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is reviewing both Obama's last-minute Antiquities Act land-grab and the unworkable and restrictive Sage Grouse Management Plan.

Though these policy reviews have important implications for Idaho, there is other work to be done.

In that spirit, IFF offered the incoming Secretary of the Interior's office a summary of policies and actions that impact Idaho and require action. That summary is provided below.The voices of Idaho's ranchers, loggers, miners, hunters, anglers, and recreationists need to be heard as federal land comprises nearly 62 percent of this great state.

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