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IFF launches Center for American Education, announces Education Index

IFF launches Center for American Education, announces Education Index

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 7, 2022

Underscoring its commitment to limited government, free markets, and self-reliance, the Idaho Freedom Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new Center for American Education (CAE). 

The CAE’s mission will be to promote transformational change to our state and national education system so that it best serves the families and students who utilize it. It will conduct in-depth, data-driven research about and advocate for policies that strengthen parental rights, empower students, and prepare individuals to pursue academic truth, advance knowledge, and contribute to a strong and prosperous society.

IFF Education Policy Director Anna Miller and Research Assistant Kaitlyn Shepherd will staff the CAE and partner with legislators, policymakers, and parents to accomplish its ambitious goals. 

IFF President Wayne Hoffman said the launch of CAE is a victory for parents and students. He stressed the need for honest, open discussions about the failings of public schools and emphasized that Idaho’s one-size-fits-all approach has proved ineffective for too many students.

“The status quo, which is protected by wealthy lobbyists and special interest groups, has proven inadequate, as tens of thousands of Idaho students can’t read or do math at grade level,” Hoffman said. “Students and families desperately need and deserve a new approach to education, and the Center for American Education will be vital in charting a new trajectory in Idaho.” 

To complement the launch of the CAE, IFF will release on Monday a new Education Index designed to build on the achievements of the Freedom Index and Spending Index. The Education Index will provide thorough analyses of education-related legislation based on separate metrics for higher education and K-12 policy. 

Bills relating to issues in K-12 education will be rated based on seven metrics including transparency, parental rights, and choice. Bills covering higher education issues will be rated based on five metrics including bureaucratic bloat, academic freedom, and accountability. 

These analyses will provide a clearer picture of which legislators support the values of education choice, decentralized decision making, institutional accountability and transparency, and free market entrepreneurship.

Keep up with the CAE’s work at CenterforAmericanEducation.org

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