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IFF: Boise State must not abuse eminent domain for baseball stadium

IFF: Boise State must not abuse eminent domain for baseball stadium

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
August 17, 2018

On Friday, the Idaho Freedom Foundation urged Boise State University not to use eminent domain as the school looks to build its new baseball stadium.

Recently the Idaho State Board of Education granted BSU authority to use eminent domain to acquire property for stadium construction. IFF Policy Researcher Phil Haunschild blasted the decision and explained why eminent domain is not an appropriate tool in this instance.

 “Seizing private property for a new stadium would be a flagrant abuse of power and an attack on property rights in Idaho,” Haunschild said. “Boise State University will essentially seize homes from families and take income away from businesses if they use eminent domain to condemn the properties.”

Haunschild added, “Eminent domain is meant to serve as a tool of last resort for the construction of critical public infrastructure, not recreational facilities.”

On Thursday, the state board approved BSU’s request to take three properties through eminent domain, including an apartment building and a parking lot owned by a local church.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation, founded in 2008, is the Gem State’s leading public policy voice. The Foundation works vigorously to protect property rights, seek tax relief, and free people from government regulations that hinder economic progress and prosperity.

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