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IFF applauds state controller’s new government transparency website

IFF applauds state controller’s new government transparency website

Mitch Coffman
January 10, 2013
Mitch Coffman
January 10, 2013

Idaho Freedom Foundation Executive Director Wayne Hoffman Thursday applauded State Controller Brandon Woolf and his team for developing a government transparency website—and doing so at limited expense to taxpayers.

“The creation of a state government transparency website was one of our original goals when we launched Idaho Freedom Foundation in 2009,” Hoffman said. “Controller Woolf and his team have put together a useful website with tons of data, and they’ve done so without requesting new funding. This website sets the bar for other states looking to boost accountability and transparency without cost to taxpayers.”

Hoffman added, “The website is impressive, robust and helps meet the state’s obligation to be transparent to taxpayers.”
Hoffman said that the state government’s site complements Idaho Freedom Foundation’s continuing government transparency effort at AccountableIdaho.com.

To contact Hoffman, please call (208) 258-2280 or (208) 921-6749. You can also reach him by email him at [email protected]

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