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Idaho’s last state budget officially balanced, says Controller Jones

Idaho’s last state budget officially balanced, says Controller Jones

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
July 13, 2010

A $69.6 million transfer from several state funds helped balance the recently-completed Idaho state budget, according to State Controller Donna Jones.

“In accordance with law, Idaho’s budget is balanced,” Jones said in a news release.  “Our governor’s and our Legislature’s commitment to fiscal responsibility has enabled Idaho to meet the constitutional requirement of balancing our state budget.”

Jones followed a plan from the Board of Examiners, which includes Gov. Butch Otter, Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, to shift money from funds including the Permanent Building Fund to pay for the state’s spending.  Last month, the board expected to transfer $7.5 million from the building fund, but Jones said $8.2 million was shifted.

Gov. Otter and other state officials will speak about the state budget on Tuesday.  The full list of fund shifts is available below.

State Fund
Transfer Amount
Economic Recovery Reserve Fund
Budget Stabilization Fund
Consumer Protection Fund
Cleanwater Revolving Fund
Resource Conservation and Rangeland Development Fund
Budget Stabilization Fund
Permanent Building Fund
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