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Idaho Freedom Foundation, Idaho Freedom Action host Corey DeAngelis for Fund Students, Not Systems rally 

Idaho Freedom Foundation, Idaho Freedom Action host Corey DeAngelis for Fund Students, Not Systems rally 

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 31, 2022
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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January 31, 2022

(Note: This posted has been revised to reflect the new event location.)

The Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action are pleased to announce an upcoming rally featuring Corey DeAngelis, a leading advocate for education choice and national director of research at the American Federation for Children. 

The rally will take place on Monday, February 7, 2022 from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Foothill Christian Church in Garden City. Corey will address the urgent need for school choice in Idaho and discuss how parents can advocate for policies  that give them control over their children’s education. 

During his visit, Corey will also meet with legislators to explain why Idaho should fund students, not systems. He will advocate for policies that give students and their families the power to pursue the method of education that works best for them. 

Corey also serves as executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, senior fellow at Reason Foundation, and adjunct fellow at Cato Institute. His research on the effects of school choice has been published in dozens of journals, reports, and books. 

Space for the Fund Students, Not Systems Rally is limited, so reserve your free tickets now. Click here to save your seats now.

Unable to attend in person? Watch the rally live stream on IFF’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/IdahoFreedom.

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  • Brad GEE says:

    If you get a chance read about the American Federation for Children, Do a little research, this is a right wing dark money group. To have them speak in Idaho is an embarrassment, but the IFF already knew!

  • KJ says:

    Parents, you don't need Coey. You need a strategy.

    "“Surety bonds provide financial guarantees that bondholders such as public officials, companies, contractors, or unions will uphold their contracts according to mutual terms."

    • Guest says:

      Your welcome for the Hope Vetoed Story. It’s time to stop before you get stuck in mud. It’s an message for Idaho Freedom Foundation.

  • James says:

    Brad confuses entertainment with learning. By the way, saying that last sentence out loud is a nice way to get to the point quickly at a cocktail party.

    The truth is like kryptonite to Brad, the superhero of slovenly blatherers. Why is that relevant? Because this is not about one of Brad's various ersatz sideshows. It is instead a matter of the governor not bothering to listen, not taking seriously the foundational work being done to exemplify civility, kindness, empathy, and fairness among the citizens of Idaho.

    If Brad were listening, he would find that the objection may still be raised that his activities are on the up-and-up. But as it is, Brad’s camp is a sterile bubble of nonrepresentationalism. They could careless.

  • Josh Phillips says:

    Idaho Freedom Foudantion when you start to Lobby with American Legislation Exchange Committee part of that is American Federation of Children with many other organizations it part of a nonprofit to take away from the people of the State. Pushing policies on people that’s all it is. Will the State do anything about it nope because your working with them. Who really is silencing the people is Idaho Freedom Foundation. I thought we were friends that’s what we believed in is the people. We made a film together instead your allowed greed and power to take over. I will always put the people first never again I will put an organization first.

    Sincerely, Josh Phillips

    P.S. The simple things in life mean the most.

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