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Idaho Freedom Foundation hails state GOP stand to oppose Obamacare

Idaho Freedom Foundation hails state GOP stand to oppose Obamacare

Mitch Coffman
January 5, 2013
Mitch Coffman
January 5, 2013

Idaho Freedom Foundation Executive Director Wayne Hoffman on Saturday hailed the state Republican Party's decision to oppose a state health insurance exchange and Medicaid expansion. The party central committee approved a resolution urging legislators and the governor to say no to Obamacare implementation.

"The state insurance exchange will do nothing but facilitate the federal government's takeover of the health care system. The health insurance exchange, like the Medicaid expansion, is nothing more than a multi-billion dollar boondoggle the cost for which will be borne by future generations.

“Today, the state Republican Party opted to fight for our future by rejecting Obamacare's entitlements and bureaucracies. The party's political courage may yet help our governor and Legislature seek out and implement free market solutions that serve as an example for states looking to reduce health care costs and improve patient outcomes."


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