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Idaho Congressional delegation reacts to Brown election

Idaho Congressional delegation reacts to Brown election

Dustin Hurst
January 20, 2010
Dustin Hurst
Author Image
January 20, 2010

Members of Idaho's Congressional delegation took time Wednesday to react to the election of Republican Scott Brown, who defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in a special election held in Massachusetts Tuesday.  Brown will replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in the Senate.  Brown's upset bid over Coakley was called "one of the most stunning upsets in modern political history" by Time Magazine.  Massachusetts does not have any Republican representatives in the House and hasn't had a Republican Senator in decades.

Here are the reactions from Idaho's Congressional delegation:

Rep. Mike Simpson, 2nd Congressional District, Republican:  “The election of Scott Brown, a republican in a state that is among the most liberal states in the nation, demonstrates that the American people are rejecting the extreme agenda being pushed by this Administration and the Democrat Leaders in Congress,” said Congressman Simpson. “This election proves that Americans want bipartisanship. They want a government that works together to solve problems not one that creates them.”
Simpson has issued a longer statement on Massachusetts election at his website.

Rep. Walt Minnick, 1st Congressional District, Democrat: Minnick's office did not issue an official reaction, but Minnick press secretary John Foster said  the election just shows that "Americans are tired of partisanship and the way Washington does business."

Sen. Jim Risch, Republican: “This is a victory for the people of America who are angry, frustrated and fearful of what they are seeing in Washington.  For the past year, the Democrat-controlled Congress has run huge deficits while funding bailouts, government takeovers and outright bribes to buy votes.  One would hope this victory will signal the beginning of Americans taking back their government."

Sen. Mike Crapo, Republican: Crapo's office also did not issue an official statement.  The following comes from Crapo spokesman Lindsay Nothern:  “It is clear that voters are frustrated and feeling disenfranchised by  many of the decisions being made in Washington, D.C.  The results of tonight’s vote may well change the future for health care legislation, and I am hopeful that in the long run, the Majority in Congress and the President will listen to the people’s wishes and craft policies with broad public support.”

Read more on the Massachusetts Senate election at Time Magazine.

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