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House passes 47 pieces of legislation on final day of session

House passes 47 pieces of legislation on final day of session

Dustin Hurst
March 30, 2010
Dustin Hurst
Author Image
March 30, 2010

Lawmakers finally closed the 2010 legislative session Monday amid a flurry of activity.  Members of the House passed 47 bills, memorials, or resolutions and killed one, the ban on texting while driving.

Here is complete list of all the legislation passed in the House Monday with a short summary included:

House Bill 545 – Providing local authority to deal with students who are habitually truant

House Bill 493 – Early graduation plan which was amended by the Senate

Senate Bill 1419 – 2011 appropriations for Idaho’s colleges and universities

Senate Bill 1420 – 2011 appropriation for profession-technical education programs

Senate Bill 1423 – Division of Financial Management 2011 appropriation

Senate Bill 1424 – 2011 appropriation for the Office of the Governor

Senate Bill 1426 – 2011 appropriation for Idaho Transportation Department

Senate Bill 1427 – Authorizing $12 million in GARVEE bonding for right-of-way purchases

Senate Concurrent Resolution 125 – Extending agency rules for one year

Senate Concurrent Resolution 126 - Also extending agency rules for one year

Senate Bill 1428 – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 2011 appropriation

Senate Bill 1429 – Idaho Commission for Libraries 2011 appropriation

Senate Bill 1430 – Commission on Hispanic Affairs 2011 appropriation

Senate Bill 1431 – Public Health District funding for state portion for 2011

Senate Bill 1432 – Commission on Again 2011 appropriation

House Bill 576 – Soil and Water Conservation District bill

House Bill 509 – Allowing Idaho Youth Job Corps to accept private donations

House Bill 598 – Allowing irrigation districts to purchase insurance for directors in lieu of bonding

Senate Bill 1440 – Reduction in 2010 funding for Department of Labor, 2011 appropriation

Senate Bill 1441 – Final approval for Idaho Human Rights Commission transfer into the Idaho Department of Labor

Senate Bill 1439 – State Liquor division 2011 appropriation

Senate Bill 1438 – 2011 appropriation for program which helps bring doctors into the state

Senate Bill 1436 – Millennium fund appropriation for 2011, including $500,000 for the Idaho Meth Project

Senate Bill 1437 – 2011 Commission of the Arts appropriation, 2010 budgetary reduction

Senate Bill 1442 – Appropriates $18.2 million to the catastrophic health care fund

Senate Bill 1443 – Appropriates $986,000 to state Independent Living Council for 2011

Senate Bill 1433 – 2011 appropriation for Independent Councils within Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Senate Bill 1434 – 2011 appropriation of psychiatric hospitalization within the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Senate Bill 1435 – Appropriates $26.1 million to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for substance abuse treatment programs

Senate Joint Memorial 106 – Calling on the United States Congress to add a 28th Amendment to the Constitution to block a federal mandate requiring the purchase of health insurance

Senate Bill 1390 – Granting immunity to those who use or provide automated external defibrillators in certain circumstances

Senate Bill 1408 – Revising absentee ballot voting

Senate Bill 1344 – Amending invasive species laws

Senate Bill 1346 – Giving the Idaho Department of Agriculture authority to regulate water quality laws in regard to certain cattle operations

Senate Bill 1425 – Dealing with appointments by the governor

Senate Bill 1401 – Alters how state contracts are awarded and no longer requires state to take lowest bids in certain circumstances

Senate Concurrent Resolution 118 – Encouraging Idaho to take the lead in issues relating to wolf management

Senate Joint Memorial 104 – Asking Congress to stop regulating horse slaughter

Senate Joint Memorial 105 – Asking the President to review the Equal Access to Justice Act

Senate Concurrent Resolution 127 – Asking the federal government for adequate time to review records issued by the Environmental Protection Agency on the Bunker Hill Superfund site

Senate Bill 1444 – Supplemental appropriation for colleges and universities from stimulus dollars

Senate Bill 1445 – Authorizes transfer of reserve funds into the general fund in certain circumstances

Senate Bill 1422 – Authorizing school districts to change levies by votes of the people

House Bill 699 – Requiring school districts to post financial transactions online by the end of 2011

House Bill 589 – Idaho Firearms Freedom Act, which is designed to set up a lawsuit between Idaho and the federal government over the Commerce Clause of the Constitution

House Bill 614 – Altering administrative procedures

House Bill 681 – Relating to the medically indigent

House Bill 729 – Texting-while driving ban (killed by lawmakers at the last minute)

IdahoReporter.com will follow up on some of the legislation passed in the House Monday and provide greater in-depth coverage.

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