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House Bill 93

House Bill 93

Phil Haunschild
February 6, 2017

Bill description: This bill allows for active duty military members to carry a concealed weapon while they are in the State of Idaho.

Rating: +2

Does it directly or indirectly create or increase penalties for victimless crimes or non-restorative penalties for non- violent crimes? Conversely, does it eliminate or decrease penalties for victimless crimes or non-restorative penalties for non-violent crimes? 

This bill expands concealed carry laws to include active members of the United States Armed Forces. Currently, under Idaho Code 18-3302(4), permits are only available to residents of Idaho. This bill will add members of the Armed Forces who meet the requirements in the code, being 21 years or older and not a fugitive from justice, among others. These military members stationed in Idaho would be granted the same right as a state resident, reducing the possibility of being charged what would amount to a victimless crime. (+1)

Does it violate the spirit or the letter of either the US Constitution or the Idaho Constitution? Examples include restrictions on speech, public assembly, the press, privacy, private property, or firearms. Conversely, does it restore or uphold the protections guaranteed in US Constitution or the Idaho Constitution? 

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution these members of the armed services protect, grants the right to bear arms. This bill would ensure that this right is not infringed upon by Idaho statute. (+1)

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