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House Bill 693 – Career and Technical Education, Appropriations FY25

House Bill 693 – Career and Technical Education, Appropriations FY25

Niklas Kleinworth
March 4, 2024

The Idaho Spending Index serves to provide a fiscally conservative perspective on state budgeting while providing an unbiased measurement of how Idaho lawmakers apply these values to their voting behavior on appropriations bills. Each bill is analyzed within the context of the metrics below. They receive one (+1) point for each metric that is satisfied by freedom-focused policymaking and lose one (-1) point for each instance in which the inverse is true. The sum of these points composes the score for the bill.

Analyst: Niklas Kleinworth

Rating: -2

Bill Description: House Bill 693 appropriates $94,616,500 and 569.14 full-time positions to the Division of Career and Technical Education for fiscal year 2025.

Does this budget incur any wasteful spending among discretionary funds, including new line items? Conversely, does this budget contain any provisions that serve to reduce spending where possible (i.e. base reductions, debt reconciliation, etc.)? 

House Bill 693 appropriates $240,000 for an expansion to the agency’s program inventory data system. The agency noted that $65,000 of this funding would support ongoing costs of maintaining the new program. This would be a new module to the recently upgraded data system. It would include new features that allow program administrators to view educators’ credentials and provide a new method for them to apply for new certifications.

This request seems frivolous and takes the responsibility for maintaining and reporting their credentials from the employee and allocates it to program administrators. This line item request would allow administrators to look up the credentials of new hires and assign them to teach courses. Presently, the onus is on the employee to provide their employer with proof of their credentials. This information would be entered into an existing internal system for tracking certifications. The same can be said for expecting employees to acquire new credentials for teaching additional courses. 


Is the maintenance budget inappropriate for the needs of the state, the size of the agency, or the inflationary environment of the economy? Conversely, is the maintenance budget appropriate given the needs of the state and economic pressures?

This legislation confirms the maintenance budget for the Division of Career and Technical Education of $92,362,200, growing from the base at a rate comparable to inflation over the last three years. 


Does the budget grow government through the addition of new permanent FTPs or through funding unlegislated efforts to create new or expanded entitlement programs? Conversely, does this budget reduce the size of government staff and programs except where compelled by new legislation?

To administer the data system expansion and upgraded functionality while also supporting training for existing educators, staff, and programs, this budget also adds $824,500 for six new FTPs. Recent investments in the agency like a new, more user friendly data system would reduce the amount of training required for educators to navigate programs within the agency. This request to add additional positions to train educators on how to navigate these programs and software is particularly concerning because it illustrates that these investments have not improved the functionality and accessibility of the agency’s programs, as promised.


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