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House Bill 616 — Filings, foundations, trusts

House Bill 616 — Filings, foundations, trusts

Parrish Miller
February 20, 2022

Bill Description: House Bill 616 would prevent a government agency from imposing any filing or reporting requirements on a private foundation beyond the requirements of Idaho code.

Rating: +1

Amendment Analysis: The Senate amendment to House Bill 616 does not change the rating, but it does change the analysis as noted below.

Does it create, expand, or enlarge any agency, board, program, function, or activity of government? Conversely, does it eliminate or curtail the size or scope of government?

House Bill 613 (as amended in the Senate) amends Section 30-30-105, Idaho Code, to say that a private foundation or a charitable trust shall "not be required to report any information that may otherwise be required by law unless such report is required by the provisions of this chapter. This section shall not be interpreted to limit or restrict the functions, powers, and duties granted to the attorney general to investigate violations of state law or enforce provisions of state law."

This new language may help to protect the privacy of private foundations and charitable trusts. 


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