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House Bill 056 — Driving, daylight hours

House Bill 056 — Driving, daylight hours

Parrish Miller
February 1, 2023

Bill Description: House Bill 56 would redefine the "daylight hours" restriction for young drivers to be from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 

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Does it violate the principle of equal protection under the law? Examples include laws which discriminate or differentiate based on age, gender, or religion or which apply laws, regulations, rules, or penalties differently based on such characteristics. Conversely, does it restore or protect the principle of equal protection under the law?

Idaho law imposes many restrictions on the right to operate a motor vehicle on public roads, particularly for young drivers. Among these is a provision limiting the operation of a motor vehicle by certain young drivers to "daylight hours." This term is currently defined as "that period of time one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise to one-half (1/2) hour after sunset."

It is difficult to abide by this restriction because these times change from day to day, which makes it particularly problematic for young people who work or have other responsibilities that require driving. 

House Bill 56 would amend Sections 49-303 and 49-307, Idaho Code to redefine "daylight hours" to mean "the period of time between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. local time."

This change would take the approximate time of "daylight hours" in June and apply it year-round, thereby creating a clearer and somewhat more permissive standard. 


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