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House Bill 54

House Bill 54

Phil Haunschild
January 26, 2017

Bill Description: This bill amends the fees for copies of documents charged by the Secretary of State.

Rating: 0

Does it directly or indirectly create or increase any taxes, fees, or other assessments? Conversely, does it eliminate or reduce any taxes, fees, or other assessments? 

This bill alters the fees for individuals who request  documents under the Uniform Business Organizations Code enacted in 2015. Presently there are fees for copies of many different legal documents pertaining to business enterprises. This bill clarifies some of the fees, eliminates those not now being charged in practice and adds a fee to one kind of document previously copied at no charge.

This bill does not reduce any fees, but does take these potential fees out of the code. (+1) However, obtaining a copy of an administrative dissolution, which previously had no fee, now has a $10 fee attached. Additionally, this form of request was expanded to include any administrative action rather than just a dissolution. Introducing the legal grounds to charge these fees will increase the overall cost to individuals who require this documentation. (-1)

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