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House Bill 525 — Public moneys, abortion

House Bill 525 — Public moneys, abortion

Parrish Miller
February 21, 2020

Bill description: HB 525 forbids the state and local governments and public health districts from funding abortions under most circumstances.

Rating: +2

Does it increase government spending (for objectionable purposes) or debt? Conversely, does it decrease government spending or debt?

HB 525 reduces government spending by forbidding the state of Idaho or a city or county within Idaho from "expending, or in any way transferring, funds to any individual or organization that is a provider of abortion as defined in section 18-604, Idaho Code, notwithstanding any other provision of federal law to the contrary."

The bill contains exceptions for when an "abortion is necessary to save the life of the woman, or in cases of rape or incest as determined by the courts, or where no court determination has been made, if reported to a law enforcement agency." It also allows an exception for abortions performed in a hospital because there is a medical emergency or the fetus is not viable. 


HB 525 further reduces government spending by imposing a similar prohibition on public health districts. The same exceptions apply. 


Analyst's Note: HB 525 is similar to HB 507, but contains additional exceptions to maintain consistency with existing Idaho law. 

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