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House Bill 488 — Utilities, lot, parcel

House Bill 488 — Utilities, lot, parcel

Parrish Miller
February 24, 2020

Bill description: HB 488 allows nonagricultural lots over 5 acres to be included in utility local improvement districts.

Rating: -1

Does it create, expand, or enlarge any agency, board, program, function, or activity of government? Conversely, does it eliminate or curtail the size or scope of government?

Under existing Idaho law, lots over 5 acres that are not zoned for agricultural use may not be included in utility local improvement districts.

HB 488 would change the definition of a "lot" or "parcel" of land to allow such lots to be included in these districts. Because local improvement districts can be created without the consent of all involved property owners, changing the definition this way may force certain property owners into a legal status and a financial obligation against their will. 


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