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House Bill 027 — Employee med info protection act

House Bill 027 — Employee med info protection act

Parrish Miller
January 26, 2023

Bill Description: House Bill 27 would protect employee privacy when it comes to coronavirus vaccines or other vaccines made available under an emergency use authorization.

Rating: +1

Does it violate the spirit or the letter of either the U.S. Constitution or the Idaho Constitution? Examples include restrictions on speech, public assembly, the press, privacy, private property, or firearms. Conversely, does it restore or uphold the protections guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution or the Idaho Constitution?

House Bill 27 would create Chapter 28, Title 44, Idaho Code, titled the "Employee Medical Information Protection Act." This chapter would prohibit employers from requiring an employee or job applicant to disclose if he or she "is vaccinated for a coronavirus" or "has received a vaccination made available under an emergency use authorization." The bill would also prohibit employer discrimination based on this information. It does, however, give exceptions for "the federal government, any federal agency, or any person, organization, or entity employing health care professionals for the purpose of providing health care services."

The protection of individual medical privacy is important, and this bill takes a small step toward enshrining that protection in law. The bill could be improved by extending the privacy protections to all vaccines and removing the exceptions noted above. 


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