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Hoffman: Tax break scheme still hurts small businesses, benefits special interests

Hoffman: Tax break scheme still hurts small businesses, benefits special interests

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
August 17, 2016

Boise, Idaho — Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman is lamenting another victory for special interests.

Monday, Fourth District Judge Samuel Hoagland dismissed a challenge to a state’s Tax Reimbursement Incentive program, which hurts small business yet will continue unabated.

TRI affects entrepreneurs and small business owners who don't have the resources to ask for favors and deals from the government, Hoffman says.

“It is the poster child for how special interests who have TRI are making life difficult for mom-and-pop businesses and entrepreneurs and driving up the cost of doing business for those who can least afford it.”

TRI allows the Department of Commerce to grant significant tax breaks — up to 30 percent — for a qualifying company’s payroll, income and sales tax for a specified duration.

Employers Resource, a Boise-based human resources company operated by George and Mary Gersema, sued the state after Commerce officials awarded a $6.5 million break to direct competitor Paylocity. The tax break lasts 15 years and could help Paylocity poach talent from Employers Resource.

“George and Mary have for years created good-paying jobs right here in Idaho,” Hoffman said. “And this is how the state George and Mary love repay their dedication to Idaho families.”

Read more about the lawsuit here. 

Idaho lawmakers approved TRI in 2014, and Commerce officials have handed out tax breaks to some of the nation’s largest corporations, including Dow Chemical, Glanbia and Amy’s Kitchen.


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