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HB 482 - HVAC homebuilder exemptions

HB 482 - HVAC homebuilder exemptions

Phil Haunschild
February 5, 2018

Bill Description: HB 482 would restrict the amount of work that unlicensed HVAC operators can do without hiring the work out to fully licensed HVAC operators.

Rating: -1

Does it increase barriers to entry into the market?

HB 482 would limit the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) work that homebuilders can do, forcing them to hire their work out to a licensed HVAC operator. Already, any HVAC work that is done on a home, whether by a licensed or unlicensed individual, must meet the standards and guidelines put forth by the Division of Building Safety. This bill’s language would increase the amount of work which must be done by licensed individuals, thereby raising the cost of construction in Idahopricing out some builders who have low margins on their work. Similarly, raising the costs of construction would increase the price of homes, pricing out many homebuyers.


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