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House Bill 133 — Immunization exemption information

House Bill 133 — Immunization exemption information

Phil Haunschild
February 20, 2019

Bill description: HB 133 would require day care and school facilities to inform parents that they can opt out of vaccinations for their children.

Rating: +1

Does it in any way restrict public access to information related to government activity or otherwise compromise government transparency or accountability? Conversely, does it increase public access to information related to government activity or increase government transparency or accountability?

Under current law, a child must, before attending a primary school from kindergarten through twelfth grade, a have all the vaccines required by the state Board of Health and Welfare, or provide the school with an exemption form. Similarly, parents who enroll their children in a day care must, within 14 days after enrollment, give the provider proof that their children are vaccinated. Alternately, parents can submit a signed exemption form..

HB 133 would specify that if a school or day care notifies a parent of the required immunizations, they would also be required to inform the parent of their right to opt out of the vaccination. This would protect parents who might not know that Idaho allows students to receive an exemption for the vaccinations. Under current practice, some schools send forms home which detail the mandatory vaccinations their child must receive and the consequences for not obtaining one, with no mention of the fact that parents actually can exempt their children from this government mandate.


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