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Governor’s lawyer introduces constitutional amendment opposing health care mandate

Governor’s lawyer introduces constitutional amendment opposing health care mandate

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 26, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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March 26, 2010

Idaho lawmakers are considering a plan to prod Congress to amend the U.S. Constitution to block a mandate forcing citizens to buy health care insurance.  The requirement to buy insurance is a key part of the health care legislation signed by President Barack Obama this week.

David Hensley, Gov. Butch Otter’s staff attorney, introduced a joint memorial calling for the constitutional change Friday in the Senate State Affairs Committee.  “We’re hopeful that Congress will listen,” Hensley said.  He said the goal of the memorial is to create a mass of states making similar statements opposing federal health care legislation.  “We’re hopeful that we can be a leader on this.”  Hensley said 31 other states are considering similar measures.

The governor has already signed into law the Idaho Health Freedom Act, which would allow the state to opt out of the federal requirement that citizens buy health insurance.  The Senate State Affair Committee Friday also approved a resolution calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, also supported by the governor, that would strengthen states’ rights under the 10th Amendment and weaken the Interstate Commerce Clause.  The House approved that resolution March 19.

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