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GOP state convention begins in Idaho Falls

GOP state convention begins in Idaho Falls

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 25, 2010

“This is where the magic happens,” Idaho Butch Otter said as he got up on stage during the first day of the Idaho Republican State Convention Thursday in Idaho Falls for an event honoring GOP volunteers.

He told the crowd that the goal of the convention, which lasts through Saturday, is to put together a game plan for the November general election.  “Here’s where we go forward with the principles of our party, of less government, more personal responsibility, the free enterprise system, and for gosh sakes Washington, stay out of our state,” he said.

The first day of the convention included a campaign school where state and national GOP officials offered tips to candidates across the state.  Among the advice was not to spend too much money on yard signs and direct mailings.

Congressional candidate Raul Labrador and Tom Luna also held events Thursday evening for supporters.

On Friday, Otter and other Republican constitutional officers will address the convention.  Committees will also begin setting the party platform and rules.  Some of the topics that could become party policy include efforts to limit illegal immigration, push back future primary election dates, and change the funding formula for public schools.  The health products company Melaleuca, based in Idaho Falls, is also sponsoring a dinner featuring Fox News commentator Rich Galen.

GOP convention delegates will set the party platform and resolutions on Sunday, when they will also hold elections for party officers.

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