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GOP cries foul on Allred’s birthplace outside of Idaho

GOP cries foul on Allred’s birthplace outside of Idaho

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
July 25, 2010

The Idaho Republican Party claims Keith Allred has misled voters by saying he was born in Twin Falls when he was actually born outside the state.

Allred was born in Redondo Beach, Calif., a fact reported by The Times-News and The Associated Press in December, after he announced his candidacy.  His birthplace has also been on his Wikipedia page since at least June.  However, a primary voters guide on The Idaho Statesman’s website lists his birthplace as Twin Falls.

“It is disingenuous of Keith Allred to fill out candidate surveys claiming that he was born in Twin Falls and implying that he is a native Idahoan when in fact he was born in California,” said Jonathan Parker, the state GOP’s executive director.  “Idahoans should expect more from someone who is seeking Idaho’s highest office.  If we can’t trust Keith Allred to be honest when filling out a basic candidate survey, how can we trust Allred to be upfront on any claims he makes as a candidate for Governor?”

Shea Anderson, Allred’s spokesman, said the campaign is working with the Statesman to correct the error on its voter guide, but wouldn’t say whether the inaccurate information came from the campaign or the newspaper.

The Idaho Constitution requires the governor to be at least 30 years old, be a U.S. citizen, and have lived in Idaho for the two previous years.  Allred fulfills those requirements.

Allred has said during many campaign events that he is a fifth-generation Idahoan.  When he was a young child, his mother remarried Bob Allred, who lives in the Wood River Valley.

This isn't the first attack on Allred's campaign from the GOP.  Parker and the state Republican party have previously accused Allred of violating campaign law by declaring his candidacy in a message to the advocacy group he founded, The Common Interest, which is a non-profit that’s not allowed to participate in political campaigns.  The GOP also said Allred missed the deadline to file a lobbyist report with the secretary of state’s office in 2009.

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