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Freedom Foundation submits records request seeking Yantis killing video

Freedom Foundation submits records request seeking Yantis killing video

Dustin Hurst
November 12, 2015
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November 12, 2015

The Idaho Freedom Foundation filed two separate public records requests asking police agencies to release any video footage captured on the scene of the Nov. 1 killing of Council farmer Jack Yantis by two Adams County Sheriff’s deputies.

The Foundation submitted one request to the Idaho State Police, the state agency leading the inquiry into the tragedy. An ISP spokeswoman told IdahoReporter.com the agency believes releasing any video -- if it exists -- could taint the ongoing investigation.

The Foundation submitted a nearly identical request to Adam’s County Sheriff Ryan Zollman, who told the Idaho Statesman after the incident that the two deputies involved wore body cameras during the confrontation. Zollman did not say if the devices captured any video footage.

To understand how Adams County Sheriff’s Office deputies are supposed to operate their body cameras, the Foundation also submitted a records request to obtain the agency’s policy on recording device usage.

State law gives the agencies three days to respond to the requests. Agencies may hand over requested items, ask for more time, or deny the request. If they ask for additional time to find requested items, they then have 10 days to fulfill the request.

Here are links to the three records requests

Adams County body camera policy request

ISP video records request

Adams County video request

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