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Freedom Foundation Chairman Brent Regan thanks Russ Fulcher for service

Freedom Foundation Chairman Brent Regan thanks Russ Fulcher for service

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
August 26, 2016

Today, Idaho Freedom Foundation Chairman Brent Regan thanked former state Senator Russ Fulcher for his service to the group’s board.

“Russ Fulcher served the Foundation and the people of Idaho with diligence and enthusiasm,” Regan said. “His unending advocacy for less government, improved economic growth and reducing Idaho’s reliance on Washington, D.C., served our mission well.”

Fulcher resigned from the board Wednesday, just before he announced a campaign for statewide elective office.

Fulcher, a Boise native, joined the Foundation in December of 2014, and spent his time advancing IFF’s mission to hold government programs accountable, expose waste and cronyism, reduce dependency on the federal government and inject fairness and predictability into the state’s tax system.

Regan praised Fulcher’s commitment to improve Idaho for small businesses and families.

"We will miss the wisdom and energy of our friend, Russ Fulcher, on the Idaho Freedom Foundation board, but we are very excited at the opportunity for Idaho to benefit from his leadership,” Regan said.

IFF serves as the Gem State’s leading conservative think tank, and seeks to improve Idaho through policy education, thoughtful journalism and informing residents of government’s actions through projects like the Idaho Freedom Index, a legislative scorecard.

IFF is nonpartisan and happily works with groups, policymakers, candidates and elected officials of all stripes to promote conservative values and ideals.

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