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Former Boise State adjunct professor arrested for defacing Lincoln statue

Former Boise State adjunct professor arrested for defacing Lincoln statue

Anna Miller
March 24, 2021

Terry J. Wilson II, a former Boise State University adjunct professor, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly defacing an Abraham Lincoln statue in Boise’s Julia Davis Park. 

The statue, known as Seated Lincoln, was tarnished in February by a mob with red paint, signs, feces, and a Black Lives Matter flag wrapped around its neck. 

Signs near the defaced statue read, “Defund the police,” and, “The prison industrial complex is modern day slavery.” 

According to a Boise Police Department press release, both physical and electronic evidence was used to identify Wilson. When police officers approached Wilson on Tuesday with a warrant for arrest, Wilson ran away. Officers were able to stop Wilson and take him into custody. Upon his arrest, the department reports, Wilson was “found to be in possession of a firearm, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.” 

The mob that vandalized the Lincoln monument was organized by a coalition of Marxist groups including Black Lives Matter Boise, Peaceful Roots of Change, and Antifa Boise. Wilson has previously been referred to as the spokesperson for Black Lives Matter Boise. 

According to Boise State University, Wilson worked as an adjunct professor for three semesters, an arrangement that ended last December. A BSU representative could not shed light on why BSU and Wilson parted ways. Prior to his time as an adjunct professor, Wilson served as a student office assistant for more than five years. 

Wilson taught University Foundations general education courses at Boise State. He graduated from BSU’s School of Public Service, where he studied divisive concepts like Critical Race Theory (CRT). Critical race theorists believe America is irredeemably and systemically racist and spew hatred on white people, particularly white males, suggesting they are inherently guilty of being “oppressors” by virtue of their race and gender. 

Wilson’s Twitter account Exegesis Joe is filled with left-wing content, including calls to defund the Boise Police Department. 

In a recent tweet, Wilson put the ugliness of CRT on display stating “‘Blue Lives Matter’ is #whitesupremacist code or #KKKop talk for ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter.’' 

Defacing the Lincoln statue is at least the second time Wilson has been involved in a public demonstration with Boise BLM. He previously protested for defunding the police outside of Council President Elaine Clegg’s private home.

Wilson’s tweets combined with his arrest and involvement with BLM Boise raises questions. 

Will BSU administration decry Wilson’s crime of defacing a monument honoring our 16th president, best known for abolishing slavery and uniting the nation around constitutional principles of liberty and justice for all? BSU President Marlene Tromp rightly condemned the vandalization of the Anne Frank Memorial in December 2020. But Tromp remained silent in February when the BLM mob and former BSU employee Wilson defaced the Lincoln monument. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Wilson was a student at BSU for at least six years prior to being hired. He worked as an administrative assistant in the Criminal Justice Department and for Boise State Public Radio. BSU’s graduate college even gave Wilson a showcase award in 2019. When hiring Wilson as an adjunct professor, how could BSU not realize it was employing a radical activist? 

For years, BSU handed Wilson the power to instruct students in general education classes. How many other activists, like Wilson, has BSU hired? As a result, how many more students at BSU will be propagandized and indoctrinated to despise our great nation?  

Activists who believe in woke historical revisionism like Wilson don’t want to improve America; like the monuments they despise, they want to destroy it. 

Does BSU support this? 

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  • Charles Maker says:

    Not all professors are like this guy. I wouldn't say who I am, but I am a conservative and teach at BSU. So, not all of us are on the left.

    • Jim King says:

      Yes. But one, is not acceptable. Nor is the current state of Portland, San Francisco or Seattle. And...., since you don’t want to, you’re afraid, or your a closet lib, be certain you’ll be seen as one of these left socialist criminals. You’ve got a choice.

    • Susan Holman says:

      We appreciate professors like you, but I think you are in the minority these days.

    • Pamela says:

      Yes, not all of you are. But those of you who aren't, are you helping to publicize the crisis going on with the far left agenda in our mostly conservative state? Even with that said, conservatives were only 63% of the vote in Idaho in November. It use to be far higher. We use to have a community and State built by conservatism. That is quickly trying to be undone, just as they did to Colorado and a few other States who have been predominately Red states, but were turned blue in November's election. This can't be undone once it's done for many decades, if ever, as CA, NY, OR, WA, CO, GA and multiple others have shown.

    • Scott says:

      Good to hear. Thank you, Sir.

    • Denise says:

      Do you just stand by and let the leftist professors, staff, and students spew their hate and trash? If you do then your one of them. It will only continue to get worse if conservatives continue to do nothing about it. I realize that is the opposite of really what conservatives believe which is live and let live. But if we continue to allow the leftists garbage to continue we will no longer be allowed to just live and let live as they want absolute fealty to their Marxist ideals.

      • Dean says:

        I have to agree with Denise. People who remain quiet while radicals drive the narrative around them are now equally culpable. They are actually doing more harm because they allow the radicalization to continue which helps their optics. Think this is just going to go away on its own? Think again.

  • Janice says:

    Why does BSU hire someone like him? Why does BSU stand with the radical far leftist organizations such as BLM and antifa?? Is it legal at BSU to have a Bible class or speak of the evils of communism? Don’t our tax dollars pay for this? What can be done? Bad enough in California but I don’t want this in Idaho!! I need to find out what’s going on here!

    • Rooti Dog says:

      They knew and that is why they hired him as a flunky GE instructor. What bugs me is he had no other qualifications than a degree in leftist BS? Not a grad degree, just a home spun BSU degree. BSU is a plague of leftists in ID

    • Jim King says:

      I’m with you Janice, I’ve got time, resources, and decades of living in the California hellhole. I hate(yes hate), these America hating socialists. They must be stopped. If my email address doesn’t show, let me know- boy, am I motivated...

    • Anne says:

      It appears this “activist” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Education in the household comes first that is why the core values are so important at this time. We need our children to know that subversive thinking is not okay just because he is the “teacher”
      It is a meaningful conversation with children when we ask “ what did you learn today?” and as a parent does not just trust education, we can’t now.

    • R says:

      He didn’t really teach classes. He led a discussion group.

  • Marcy says:

    Parents who do not want to have their children lost to socialism had better start finding options for education, Starting with preschool. How can you put your kids in an enemies training camp for 13 years, and then send them to a state college and expect that they won’t become socialists who hate America, you, and everything else? I will lose everything before I hand my most precious commodity over to these fools. I hope you all will too. The more of us who don’t support the school systems, the worse for them and the better for our kids, and the better for the USA.

    • Jim King says:

      Yes. The left is coming for your 3rd grader with sex “education” including gender perversion. Teaching Marxism such as the demonization of the family unit and merit as “racist”. We’d better realize we’re in for a serious, serious fight here, and I hope and pray sleepy Idaho will awaken before Boise becomes Portland east. And without a fight, I guarantee you it will. As God as my witness.

    • Pamela says:

      SPOT ON! My daughter took her son out of public school this last year and he's in 6th grade, so the timing is good for him as a self thinking person to be on the right track, but he's not a far left socialist because of our family values. My grandson will thrive far better, be more grounded. Not everyone can afford private school though and even in some states, home schooling is still the same agenda as the school districts, such as in CA, the socialist capital of the nation, but just as = to NY , OR, WA. If parents can at least try home schooling, they can teach the school districts agenda to their children in their own words, preventing them from being taught and having imbedddd the socialistic thinking of the public education policies.

    • Denise says:

      The problem is, people cant afford to stay at home and teach their own children. Because of the influx of people moving into the valley (a lot of Californians) and artificially inflating the price of housing it takes both parents plus a couple of roommates just to afford to live here. So now people are forced to send their kids to these indoctrination camps. The only thing they can do is take them to church on sundays and have real conversations with them every night teaching them morals, values, and ethics and pray they grow up with a moral center and a back bone.

      • hannah says:

        you don’t need church to have morals. that has nothing to do with this situation.

      • Barbara says:

        Denise, it takes sacrifice to keep your kids out of the public school.
        I know, we did it. Find a way, if you want to keep your children .
        Sunday school, as good as it may be, is not the answer. Children have to be schooled at home with parents who will make sure only the right info is taught to their children. Down grade your housing, buy a cheaper vehicle,
        Eat beans & rice if you have to do so! That’s what sacrifice is! Your children are infinitely worth it.

  • Paul says:

    Silence on this matter is deafening. Way to go BSU ... BS U

    • Pamela says:

      I'm sorry but need to disagree. Defacing and teaching that statutes of the very people who were seriously involved in stopping slavery, is ok to deface, damage, etc, is stupidity in itself. There must be middle ground and students must learn to think for themselves, get the facts, not the rhetoric, and peacefully deal with things. We are not a country of radical everything is "free" & people deserve everything free. We are a country in which we pride ourselves on positive work ethics. We are a country in which many have died in the Civil War to stop slavery, & we are a country of respect. Doing any of this emboldening & approval of violence and hatred is counter productive. Your far left thoughts are destructive and childish and show absolutely NO RESPECT for any of your fellow human beings. Here's a little fact. Blacks hurt, kill, maim other blacks more than any other ethnicity. Blacks hurt, kill, maim Asians more than any other ethnicity. These are actual statistical FACTS! So if BLM would quit doing that to their own and have respect for others, things would be far better. As for the successful and extremely successful black people in the United States, they choose not to be "victims", just like any other person, regardless of "race" who gets up and is successful each day in their tasks. So your pity party is self defeating. You and those who think like you are self made "victims", regardless of your ethnicity. You will never be more than that either.

  • A Merican says:

    This POS is a terrorist.

  • 1091 says:

    BSU is starting to clean up its staff...last week I saw they responded to criticism about some of the classes where differing opinions were not tolerated and now this where this guy had parted ways last December...hopefully it is a trend.

  • John says:

    The root of evil. Absolutely disgusting that this person that spews hate would be in a position to have led students. If he were in China he would be in a re-education camp. Democracy will implode if these people continue to spread these Marksist ideas and agenda.

  • C S says:

    I'm glad he was found and caught, but the penalties are usually not stiff enough for a person to think twice about doing stupid things like this in the future. I do know for a fact that his (juvenile and disgusting) views and his actions are not welcome in the state of Idaho, and he would do well by himself and everyone around him if he removes himself from our state permanently. Birds of a feather concept - fly away to an area where you fit with a flock just like you.

  • Pamela says:

    From what I'm seeing and what I've read, BSU is supportive of propaganda that is harmful & considered mind control of its students. They are teaching and recognizing the far left agenda. There had to be a movement to get back to middle ground and start teaching the students to think on their own.

  • john livingston says:

    "Exegesis Joe's" actions define what it is to be a racist. How many students were hurt by his indoctrinations and insistence on conforming to CRT ideas in his classes? Faculty and administrators at BSU have known what he is all about for a long time. They are just as guilty as he for not confronting and exposing him for being the racist that he is. Does he have any skills that he can bring to the workplace or is he just another "community organizer"? Racism and bigotry comes in all colors and flavors. It is always bad and should be universally condemned---on the spot in real time. BSU is way behind in addressing this problem. Just ask the students. Idaho kids deserve better.

    • hannah says:

      you’re completely wrong. you can’t just fire someone because their beliefs are different from yours. that proves you’re entirely unethical. BSU is behind in addressing other problems too not just this.

    • Chris says:

      Well said.

  • Joe says:

    Does BSU support this? Of course not, but just posing question makes your readers think otherwise.

  • DG says:

    I’m currently a grad student at BSU. At my Graduate Program “luncheon ceremony”, I distinctly remember this man being on the discussion panel as a representative who answered incoming students questions and concerns. He stood out to me because every comment he made seemed to have racially motivated undertones. He also encouraged students to go to food banks if they were having financial difficulties— seems to me that if you have enough money to pay for graduate school, you should have enough money for a bag of ramen noodles.

    • hannah says:

      this is SO IGNORANT what is wrong with you!? there are people who have scholarships. there are people who have taken out loans. i can’t believe you are this uneducated. not all college students need help but as for myself i’ve almost starved multiple times.

    • Chris says:

      He, like ALL BLM members, is a racist.

  • hannah says:

    all of you are sooo dramatic. marxist groups? nah. just some idiots destroying property instead of handling it in a mature way. stop fear mongering it’s pathetic.

  • Chris says:

    He, like all BLM members, is a racist. Hopefully he'll get the maximum penalty and do the maximum time. I hope our legislature continues to hold funds from BSU for having these racist courses. The current president of BSU is just another left wing liberal who needs to find another city, like Seattle, that shares her views. The foundation courses serve no purpose for educating law abiding citizens, and have no value in helping your adults get jobs. The reason for colleges these days should be preparing skills and education for employment. It's be great if the BLM members names, as well as the names so called "peaceful roots of change", could be published for all to see. Antifa and these 2 other groups need to be classified as domestic terror groups.

  • Bob says:

    Perhaps the legislators, who score below 80% or more on the Freedom Index, should be sent a copy of this article?

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