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Education Freedom Pledge reveals which lawmakers, governors support choice in education

Education Freedom Pledge reveals which lawmakers, governors support choice in education

Kaitlyn Shepherd
November 22, 2021
Kaitlyn Shepherd
Author Image
November 22, 2021

The results of Virginia’s recent gubernatorial race show that supporting parental rights in education can be a winning campaign strategy. On November 2, Virginia parents clearly rejected the contention that they have no role to play in determining what their children learn in public schools. They stood up for their right to direct the education and upbringing of their children despite intimidating rhetoric from both the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). While NSBA has since issued a lackluster apology for its letter insinuating that the actions of some parents could constitute acts of “domestic terrorism,” there is no indication that Attorney General Merrick Garland intends to retract his controversial memorandum or instruct federal law enforcement agencies to stand down.

Fortunately, parents are not alone in their fight to regain agency over their kids’ education. A new pledge identifies several state legislators and other elected officials who support freedom and parental rights in education.

The Education Freedom Pledge is circulated by the American Federation for Children, an issue advocacy organization dedicated to empowering the families of K-12 students to choose the education that works best for them.

The Federation’s pledge asks lawmakers, candidates, governors, and voters to sign their names if they agree that “families in America deserve to have power over their children’s education.” Only the signatures of governors, state legislators, and state education chiefs are available to view.

In full, the pledge reads: “I pledge to support policies that promote parental rights in education and educational freedom. This includes the right of parents to voice their opinions at school board meetings and to take their children’s taxpayer-funded education dollars to the education providers of their choosing - whether it be a public, private, charter, or home school.”

The pledge clearly reveals those legislators and elected officials who support parental rights in education.

As of November 22, 2021, six Idaho legislators have signed the pledge: Reps. Priscilla Giddings, Karey Hanks, Tammy Nichols, Greg Ferch, and Ron Nate, plus Sen. Christy Zito. More legislators could sign the pledge to stand with Idaho parents and demonstrate that they support parents’ right to direct the education of their children.

As the primary educators of their children and as taxpayers who fund public schools, parents have skin in the game and deserve to voice their concerns over what their children learn in schools.
You can sign the pledge or view a list of legislators who have signed on at the following link: https://www.edfreedompledge.com/.

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  • KJ says:

    No matter how they view or support this, these politicians have a record of shady deals and corruption. Look at their records and not what they say.

    Remember, never forgive and never forget.

  • James says:

    Priscilla Giddings, State Representative

    Karey Hanks, State Representative

    Tammy Nichols, State Representative

    Greg Ferch, State Representative

    Christy Zito, State Senator"

    Ronald Nate, State Representative

    Christy Zito, State Senator

    What, no brad little?

  • Prism says:

    We shouldn’t have to have loyalty oaths. We should be able to trust them without having a problem with dishonesty on what they say they will do and don’t. What is your opinion?

  • Xkeyscore says:

    IFF how much does it cost to serve one student for one school year?

  • VII ( It’s the Roman numeral for 7 ) says:

    The Government sucks at everything!

    In the beginning of America one of
    the ideas was you can have a small Government you don’t need a bigger Government.
    Seriously though does the Government need to be involved in marriages? What about religious freedom? The rest of the topics and issues as well.
    Idaho Freedom Foundation you really are great people and Informing the public I appreciate.
    The reality here is the Government really does suck they can work on fixing it or they spend taxpayers money and time on creating narratives. At which that point they should just write books. Even though
    I probably won’t read any of them.

  • Bruce Hendricks says:

    The solution to this mess is for people to vote with their feet and money. Walk away from the K through 12 government schooling disaster by homeschooling, non-woke private schools, etc. Stop encouraging youngsters to see college as their "ticket to success" and think of alternatives such as the trades and entrepreneurship.

    The fact that fewer males are enrolling in college is a serious white pill and reason for optimism. IFF should focus more of it's messaging on getting people to build alternative institutions and opting out of those institutions that have been captured by left. It is a waste of time trying to influence milk toast GOPers such as Brad "Small" aka Little and Scott Bedke the corrupt Speaker of the House.

  • Bradley W. Bingham says:

    Just because someone does not sign something doesn't mean they disagree with the ideas. There are many factors not to sign something even if it sounds good. This is the same game the far-left and far-right play: "If you do not do what I think is right your wrong. Do as I say or you are against us". This I believe is a bad argument of the fallacy of composition. It is a bad way to argue and a terrible way to prove you are right.

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