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Driver's license and motor vehicle fees will cost more in January

Driver's license and motor vehicle fees will cost more in January

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
December 22, 2009
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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December 22, 2009

It will cost you a little bit more to renew a driver's license, change the title on a vehicle, or get other paperwork at the DMV starting in January. The Idaho legislature and Gov. Butch Otter signed off on the fee increases that lawmakers said would raise $13.1 million for state highways.

The cost of a four-year driver's license will go up from $24.50 to $30 on January 1st. The price of taking a driving skills test will go from $15 to $24. Right now, a new vehicle title costs $8. In January, it'll be $14.

The complete list of increasing driver's license fees and other DMV fee increases are available at the Idaho Transportation Department website. You can also read ITD's news release on the fee changes.

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