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De-transitioned teen Chloe Cole to speak at Idaho Capitol on February 2

De-transitioned teen Chloe Cole to speak at Idaho Capitol on February 2

Dustin Hurst
December 13, 2022
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December 13, 2022

Chloe Cole, a young woman from California, tells a heartbreaking tale. 

“I will never breastfeed a child,” she told a committee of elected officials recently. 

That’s because she, now 18, had her breasts removed at age 15 by gender-affirming doctors. Cole, who started experiencing gender dysphoria in her early teens, was put on puberty blockers at 13. Her parents, searching for answers amid fear and uncertainty, put their faith and trust in medical professionals. 

Cole said she was fast-tracked for a double mastectomy by her doctors. She says medical professionals took advantage of a vulnerable youth and didn't help her see the full picture. 

”At 15, I wasn’t really thinking. I was a kid, just trying to fit in — not thinking about the possibility of becoming a parent,” Cole told Catholic News Agency earlier this year. 

Last year, spurred by a psychology class that touched on the bond between mothers and infants, Cole came to regret her transition and double mastectomy. 

“I’ll never have the experience, or even the option, of breastfeeding my children and bonding with them in that way.” 

Ultimately, Cole isn’t even sure if she’s capable of having children because of these childhood interventions. 

With her new understanding, Cole is “rapidly becoming one of the most powerful voices” speaking against the transgender narrative. 

She’s appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Glenn Beck’s program, and racked up millions of views on her videos across several video platforms. 

Next year, she’ll tell her powerful, important story at the Idaho Capitol in Boise. And you’re invited to take part, even if you're not able to attend in person. 

Cole will speak to the public on February 2 at noon in the Lincoln Auditorium in the Statehouse. Seating will be limited to about 200, but we are working on setting up some overflow rooms for the address. 

If you’d like to watch from the comfort of your home, you can tune into CapitolClarity.com. We will broadcast the speech live there, plus we will stream it live on our Facebook page and YouTube channel

Mark your calendar now. Please don’t miss this. Chloe is a powerful young woman who will tell an important and ugly truth about the trans agenda that’s creeping into schools, higher ed, and popular culture. 

Please visit CapitolClarity.com to sign up for updates on the weekly classes during the session, plus video records of each week’s addresses. 

Click here if you’d like to help IFF cover Chloe’s modest speaking fee, travel, and lodging arrangements. Donating to cover those expenses will help make sure thousands of Idahoans are told the truth about the ugly trans agenda. 

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