IFF, Chalkboard Review release toolkit for parents and teachers concerned about woke schooling

IFF, Chalkboard Review release toolkit for parents and teachers concerned about woke schooling

Anna Miller
July 12, 2021
Anna Miller
July 12, 2021

Critical race theory (CRT) has been in the news a lot lately because parents across the nation are fighting back. Idaho’s Legislature is working to restrict its role in K-12 and universities policies and curricula. But, what is CRT?

In a new initiative, Critical Race Theory Toolkit, Idaho Freedom Foundation Education Policy Director Anna Miller partnered with the Chalkboard Review, a leading education reform group seeking to foster intellectual diversity in American education, to offer guidance for concerned parents, teachers, administrators, and everyone else. 

The toolkit explains, “The concepts, presuppositions, and demands of CRT are taught in K-12 schools across the nation, though they’re cleverly disguised as the “buzzwords’ that tens-of-thousands of educators use to sound morally righteous, academic, and research-based.” The toolkit contains a glossary of commonly used terms and guidance for those who wish to push back against this radical ideology driving race essentialism in schools. 

Parents and teachers who oppose CRT in schools simply want to provide children with a rigorous and objective education. However, these well-intentioned individuals are often accused of wanting to “whitewash” history and avoid teaching about slavery or the Trail of Tears. The toolkit seeks to equip citizens by encouraging a return to intellectual integrity — one that does not shy away from the ugly parts of American history but rejects the radical ideology that perpetuates racial scapegoating and discrimination.

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  • Bee says:

    Give up your daily lattes, the newer vehicles, the bigger house, the ''corporate ladder dream'' and remove YOUR children from this dreadful indoctrination centers.

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