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Crapo, U.S. Chamber discussing free trade with South Korea

Crapo, U.S. Chamber discussing free trade with South Korea

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
August 19, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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August 19, 2010

Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo will meet with leaders of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce next week in Boise discuss how a proposed free trade agreement with South Korea could benefit the Gem State.

Crapo and the executive director and director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will meet in the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce’s office on the morning of Aug. 25.

President Barack Obama has backed the South Korea deal, as well as similar free trade agreements with Panama and Colombia.  However, all three deals require congressional approval.  The U.S. currently has free trade agreements with 17 countries, including the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick is sponsoring a resolution in the House of Representatives calling on Congress to approve the three new agreements.  The resolution says the three pacts would create jobs and help the U.S. economy.

Labor unions have been among those opposing the new free trade agreements.

Ron Kirk, Obama’s trade representative working on the new agreements, said in June that he’s making progress with South Korea.  “We look forward to finalizing ways to address these concerns, level the playing field for U.S. workers and producers in the key sectors of autos and beef, and deliver to Americans the jobs and economic opportunity this agreement can bring,” he said.

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