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Crapo talks health care, cap and trade, F-35s (video)

Crapo talks health care, cap and trade, F-35s (video)

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
February 17, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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February 17, 2010

Idaho Republican U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo spoke with IdahoReporter.com Wednesday after addressing lawmakers at the Idaho Capitol. Crapo discussed federal health care and cap and trade legislation, as well as his response to resolutions and memorials aimed at Congress and the threat of sexting among teenagers.

Crapo also spoke about his efforts to bring the F-35 fighter jet program to Idaho.

During his speech to lawmakers, Crapo said he was concerned with the budget process in Congress. “Frankly, I don’t see an appetite in Congress to control spending,” he said, adding that some are looking to raise taxes. Crapo also said he's happy with how Idaho lawmakers are dealing with their own shrinking budget revenues. “I know that you are facing really tough fiscal decisions yourself,” he told state senators and representatives. “The toughest decisions that you need to make are on the spending side not the taxing side. This is not the time to raise taxes ... We are not seeing the same kind of restraint in the federal government."

Crapo also said that while the federal cap and trade legislation regulating some gas emissions may be stalled, there is a brighter future for new renewable energy sources and energy conservation the U.S. “These kinds of approaches to an energy policy are starting to develop broad-based support,” he said. Crapo said developing new sources of energy would help put more people back to work.

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