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Crapo, Risch talk about Democrats in Congress, Republicans election hopes

Crapo, Risch talk about Democrats in Congress, Republicans election hopes

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 26, 2010

Mike Crapo and Jim Risch told the crowd at the Idaho Republican State Convention that they’re concerned with direction the federal government is going, but those fears seemed to vanish when discussing the GOP’s chances for reclaiming seats in Congress this November.

Both of Idaho’s Republican senators levied criticism at the economic policies of Democratic congressional leaders.  “They believe that we can spend ourselves into prosperity, we can tax ourselves into prosperity, we can bail out our economy into prosperity, and we can regulate ourselves into prosperity,” Crapo said.  “It’s that notion that we must resist and fight.”

Crapo spoke with IdahoReporter.com before taking the stage about the message he wanted to send to Idaho Republicans.

The crowd applauded Crapo after he agreed with an audience member who said, “End the fed.”  Crapo said he and Risch support legislation that would audit the U.S. Federal Reserve, a move backed by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.  Crapo also panned proposed financial regulation reforms, calling it part of the incredible reach of the federal government.

“The solutions are not in Washington,” he said.  “The solutions are here with people like you.”

Risch attacked other congressional proposals, including the approved health care laws, and the stalled cap and trade plan, which he said is deader than a doornail.  “It would have endangered the productivity of America,” Risch said about cap and trade, which would attempt to reduce some emissions and pollutants.

Both senators endorsed Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Eagle, in his run for Congress, which drew cheers from the crowd.  Risch said Republicans would gain ground in the U.S. Senate, where they currently hold 41 seats, and could retake the majority in the U.S. House.

“We have some horse races that can be close,” Risch said.  “We’re going to take back America come this fall.”  Risch singled out several Senate Democrats that could lose in November, including Harry Reid of Nevada and Patty Murray of Washington.  Risch encouraged the crowd to research GOP candidates outside Idaho, and make campaign contributions or other electioneering activities.

Crapo and Risch didn’t talk with the crowd about the policy discussions spurred by the convention’s platform and resolutions.  Crapo told IdahoReporter.com that he agrees with the party’s stance that Idaho should exert more control over federal lands in the state.

The convention is considering a resolution that the state government should assert ownership of federal lands in Idaho.  Convention delegates will reach final decisions on resolutions and changes to the party platform on Saturday.

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